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Belgravia Ace Price Range S$ 3,830,000 ~ S$ 4,550,000 | PSF: From S$ 1,041



The land for the development of the Belgravia Ace cluster houses has been owned by Tong Eng for some time. It is part of the chiefly freehold / 999 leasehold Seletar Hills Estate (District 28),  that goes back a long way into the early days of Singapore. The previously privately-owned plots were acquired by Tong Eng at a much lower price than those which were subject to the recent sales launches last year. However, it’s unlikely they will be selling them at these early prices – especially since prime sites in this area are now being listed in excess of $2 million per plot.


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Belgravia Ace Price Estimate S$ 3.8 – S$ 4.5 million

As an indication of how much prices may go for, we can look at the last Belgravia Green units that were sold off, which were semi-detached and went at around SGD$3.9 million. Given that these are bigger in size and more preferable as clusters when it comes to building ownership here in Singapore as compared to your typical apartments for instance, it is safe to say that the price estimate for Belgravia Ace would be in the $4 million plus range too!

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The land where Belgravia Ace will stand was once owned by Tong Eng. He purchased the plot almost thirty years earlier, this is a part of the Seletar Hills Estate, which has been around since it first began back in the heyday of Singapore. 

As for how much for these strata units, we cannot speculate as to what prices will be given that no figures have been released yet; however we can draw some insight into his previous moves and give the public an idea of what could possibly be expected.



Price for Most Expensive Condo In (District 28)

As mentioned earlier, the most expensive condominium in D28 is Parc Botannia, an upcoming 99-year leasehold condominium with an average price of $1310 psf. Location wise, it’s 2 minutes away from Thanggam LRT Station which is 4 stops away from Sengkang MRT Station. This means that it’s pretty accessible to many parts of town! Alongside this, there will also be a community club formed within the condo featuring its own clubhouse building for events and gatherings as well as other utilities like dining spaces and swimming pool.


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December 7, 2022

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