Belgravia Ace Developer

Belgravia Ace is proudly developed by Tong Eng Group. One of Singapore’s most pioneer developer, they have been presenting quality homes to buyers since 1940s where they are heavily involved in the developing and construction sector.

A couple of Tong Eng Group’s projects locally include the first two phases of the Belgravia Series namely Belgravia Villas, Belgravia Green and Stratton Green among many others.

Belgravia Ace pricing is expected to be attractive for home stayers and investors to get a piece of this rare collection. The area also has a proven track record of rental yield and rentability given the great location and Belgravia Ace developer’s exceptional quality.

Belgravia Ace is a brand new cluster landed development located along Belgravia Drive off Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 at District 28. The plum site is the final installment of Belgravia freehold cluster home series by Tong Eng Group. It started off with Belgravia Villas in year 2014 being the pioneer phase followed by Belgravia Green in year 2018 and both developments has been sold out since.

Belgravia Ace landed home location is exceptional. It sits right amongst a quiet landed property enclave where the low rise environment removes the anxiety one might feel in our metropolitan city. Also in the matured Ang Mo Kio estate that has many amenities to offer, convenience is not compromised despite the privacy that Belgravia Ace entails.

Belgravia Ace is also easily accessible via public and personal transport. It is well served the Central Expressway(CTE) and a bus stop along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 that serves 6 buses. The nearest MRT Station that one can find will be Yio Chu Kang and Ang Mo Kio where both serves the North South Line and they are about 5 minutes drive away.

Parents will school going children should have a peace of mind residing in the Belgravia Ace. This area is surrounded by renowned educational institutes from the primary to tertiary level such as the Rosyth School, Fernvale Primary School, Jing Shan Primary School, Anderson Secondary School, Bowen Secondary School and Nanyang Polytechnic all within a 2km radius.

The Belgravia Ace Freehold Cluster Landed Home is targeted to launch towards the third quarter of 2021. Interested parties may learn more about the development here – Belgravia Ace – Brand New Freehold Cluster Home at Ang Mo Kio.

Aspiring home owners may proceed to view and download Belgravia Ace Floor Plan & Belgravia Ace E-Brochure when it is ready.

Financing is one of the most important consideration to your purchase. As this development is under construction upon purchase, buyers can learn more about the payment scheme and do a calculation prior to your visit using the progressive payment calculator.

It is also important to identify the loan to value for your scenario as MAS has strict regulations on home loans. For more information regards to financing or stamp duties, please fill up the contact form and we will be glad to assist.

Belgravia Ace Freehold Development by Tong Eng Group

Belgravia Ace is a new development project of Tong Eng Group located, the heart of Ang Mo Kio. The real estate development company is located in the heart of Seleter and consists of 107 units, including 104 single-family houses and three terraces. Located in the mature town of Ang Mo Kio, Belgravia Ace Fairview Developments is fully equipped to accommodate residents of the area.

Belgravia Ace Ang Mo Kio is a new landing for wealthy investors in the exclusive and secluded corners of Nim Garden and Ang Mo Kio. Surrounded by preceding developments such as Belgravia Villas and Belgravia Green, this represents an opportunity to acquire new properties. The development project attracts buyers seeking to purchase new land properties and other development projects because more facilities meet the residents’ needs. Nearby facilities include Ang Mo Kio Hub Shopping Center, Djitsun Shopping Center, and Jubilee Square. The nearby shopping mall offers a variety of restaurants and other fashion items to please family and friends. At Belgravia Ace Terrace, you will enjoy a unique and peaceful life experience.

Private Residential Enclave at Belgravia Ace Fairview Developments Location

According to a check from a recent transaction, the vicinity around Nim Garden and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 has been quickly transformed into a private residential tourist area, and various facilities are provided to accommodate large families near the Belgravia Ace Tong  Eng group. Nearly All of the development projects in this area are private land ownership, such as Belgravia Villa, Belgravia Green, and Luxus Hills. There are other development projects in the vicinity, such as the Nim collection at the Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 landing enclave. Belgravia Ace Tong Eng Group is a subsidiary of Tong Eng Group. It comes from developer Fairview Developments, a very qualified developer of land ownership in the Ang Mo Kio area. Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 is close to the large shopping malls near Seletar Mall, such as  Seletar Mall, NEX Mega Mall, and AMK Hub.

Belgravia Ace Tong Eng Location at Ang Mo Kio Town Highly Sought After

The Belgravia Ace Cluster House in Ang Mo Kio has developed into one of the most popular lodgings because it was once a sleepy town with rubber plantations scattered throughout most of Ang Mo Kio. The journey of transforming Ang Mo Kio into a residential city began in 1973 when a plantation was created, and plans were made to transform Ang Mo Kio into a world-class city, with many services that residents should seek.

The city of Ang Mo Kio has developed into a self-sufficient city. It is welcomed by investors of Belgravia Ace Fairview Development and has won several awards for its design and outline concept. Ang Mo Kio also saw many modernization plans. Such as, the Housing Authority’s real estate department has proposed an elevator upgrade plan for residents of public housing, thereby improving the convenience of residents of Belgravia Ace Terrace in the area. A modernization plan was also developed to improve street lights and provide residents of the AMK area with more public playgrounds for Belgravia Ace Ang Mo Kio, who live on private land. These consist of the Ang Mo Kio Elderly Clinic for the elderly in mature cities and the 1,000-square-meter elderly care center.

Belgravia Ace Tong Eng Group Near to Public Transportation and Expressways

The location of Belgravia Ace Terrace in the 28 Ang Mo Kio area is also popular because it is close to many existing transportation networks. Belgravia Ace is only a few steps away from the Ang Mo Kio station of the North-South Line, which can directly reach Yishun, Orchard City Hall, and other parts of Singapore. It is very easy to reach other parts of Singapore. Around Belgravia Drive and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, there are many buses outside the development zone. These buses will take you to other parts of Singapore, such as Bishan and Changi Airport. For those who like to drive, Belgravia Ace Fairview Development is right next to the Central Expressway (CTE) and Pan-Island Expressway (PIE). Therefore, as there are many mature transportation networks, transportation to Belgravia Ace Fairview Development Terrace is very convenient.

Belgravia Ace Landed Property District 28 Highly Sought After as Location is near to Prestigious Schools

One of the essential standards for choosing a house is the school close to the 28th district. That is because sending your child to school is a daily job, and if your child is studying in a nearby school, you can save a lot of time. That means that if the school is nearby, less time will be spent on the road, and the child will spend more time doing other things, for example, more classes and more time with the parents. Parents do not have to rush off work. There are many famous schools nearby, and Belgravia Ace Ang Mo Kio is only a short drive away. Some schools near Belgravia Ace Terrace are:

  • Mayflower Primary School
  • Rosyth School
  • Whitley Secondary School
  • Xinmin Primary School
  • Yio Chu Kang Primary School
  • APSN Chaoyang School
  • Anderson Primary School
  • Montfort Junior School
  • Jing Shan Primary School

Food Lovers Will Love Belgravia Ace Landed As it is Near to Ang Mo Kio Town.

Ang Mo Kio, also known as AMK, is a residential area situated in the 28th district of Ang Mo Kio in north-eastern Singapore. It is the third most densely populated planning area in the Northeast and is known as the country’s eighth most densely populated planning area.

In addition to being the most populous, Ang Mo Kio is also known for its street vendor food and benefits the inhabitants of Belgravia Ace Ang Mo Kio, particularly Hainan chicken rice and fried Hokkien prawn. For an elegant and comfortable dining experience, you can visit AMK’s air-conditioned food center. Residents of Belgravia Ace Fairview Developments have the opportunity to try local and foreign dishes. Local food stores you can try include Old Chang Kee, Malaysia Boleh, BreadTalk, Bengawan Solo,

Four Seasons Durian, Pancake King, 1A Crispy Puff,  Yumi Bites, and Toast Box.

Instead of, if you want to try foreign cuisine, you can choose to visit Ajisen, Mos Burger, Hong Kong Sheng Kee Desserts, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks,  Tori-Q, Ho Kee pau, Fish and C., A&W, Eighteen chefs, Burger King, Thai Express, Pezzo, Famous Amos, Subway, ENG’s Wantan Noodles, Pepper Lunch,  Kuriya Japanese Market. All of the above attractions are located near the Belgravia Ace Fairview developments of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 of the Tong Eng Group.

There is no fairer way to end your gourmet journey than to take tea or coffee for dessert. Visit TWELVE cupcakes, Coffee Beans and Tea LEAF,  Starbucks, Yami Yogurt,  Mr. Bean, Dunkin Donuts, Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert, Bengawan Solo, Ritz Apple Strudel & Pastry,  The Pine Garden, PrimaDeli, Fruit Paradise, Coffee Kaki.

Belgravia Ace Landed Tong Eng Brothers Location Near to Various Fitness Centres and Educational Amenities

First on our list is Fitness First at the AMK hub near Belgravia Ace. There is a commodious 13,003 square foot area for training and other sporting activities. Of course, it also presents various courses, such as dance, yoga, and cycling. But, you can also use traditional training equipment, for example, bicycles, treadmills, and steppers. There is no problem getting there as you can go directly to the gym from Ang Mo Kio MRT station.

One More gym you can go to near the Belgravia Ace Terrace is True Fitness, near Dijtsun Mall in the central district 28 of Ang Mo Kio. There are three studios, a gym, and a changing room. Special members can register for a personal trainer through a personalized training program to achieve their desired shape and size. In addition to the Belgravia Ace Tong Eng Group facilities, you can also try the Yio Chu Kang Sports Center if you like swimming and running. The gym has a swimming pool and a running stadium. Of course, you can use your ActiveSG account to access activities at the Yio Chu Kang Sports Center. You can enter the gym using the Yio Chu Kang MRT station.

Belgravia Ace Ang Mo Kio Amenities

There is no nicer spot for educational and intellectual pursuits than visiting the Ang Mo Kio Public Library, which is only a few minutes walk from the Belgravia Ace Terrace location. The library was launched in 1985 and presents 4,277 square meters of books, reading materials, research, catalogs and storytelling activities.

But, if you want more possibilities, you can shop at the Djitsun Shopping Center at Ang Mo Kio Central 25 near Belgravia Ace Fairview Development. Some of the famous stores here are Just 10’s Crescendo Hairdressers, Keyi’s Skinn, and Healthy Living. There is also an entertainment center where you can register for courses and training. Some of them are AGrader Learning Center, Creative Star Education Center, Global Art, MPM Jelic Center, Asian Phonetics Academy, Yamaha Music School, The Alternative Story.

Belgravia Ace Ang Mo Kio Located Near to Shopping Malls Tong Eng Group

There are many benefits to living near a mall, as fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC are nearby. Live near the Belgravia Ace Ang Mo Kio shopping center, which offers a variety of cuisines. Also, being close means that when ordering food, the time to get the food is short.

Some of the benefits are simple to see. There are many restaurants and diners near the location of Belgravia Ace, and there are many eateries. You can select from fast food, Chinese food, Mexican food, Japanese food, and Italian food. Some locations also only serve baked goods and other dishes. With so many choices, it can be challenging to determine which one is best for you.

Another benefit of being close to a shopping mall is that you can get food on your way to work or school without traveling. These restaurants will be delivered directly to your door for the residents of Belgravia Ace Tong Eng Group. It can save you time. It can also save your gas bills. If you know someone who works somewhere, it might be cheaper to order food there than to go and buy it. In most cases, this accessibility goes to the availability of food. You can easily walk to the shop to pick up things. These are some shopping malls that are easily accessible.

Greenwich V Mall

The Greenwich V Shopping Center near Belgravia Ace Singapore District 28 is one of the largest shopping centers in the Seleter area. Shopping malls serve all types of clients. Whether you see for fashionable clothes, shoes, or electronics, this shopping center can meet your needs. The entrance to the shopping center is on Yio Chu Kang Street, within walking distance of the chaos. The Greenwich V Mall has a distinct dining area and restaurants for easy shopping and dining.

Greenwich V shopping center has an international influence and offers a wide range of products for men, women, and children. Greenwich V Mall has specialty stores, boutiques,  appliances, electronics, apparel, furniture, health, accessories and beauty products, shoes, and sporting goods. There are also a large number of antiques and collectibles.

When it comes to family entertainment near the land of Belgravia Ace, the Greenwich V Shopping Mall Tour is unbeatable. Many hotels near the shopping center offer many family-friendly activities and entertainment venues. In your free time at the mall, you can go to Singapore Zoo, Marine World, or Sea World. Singapore is home to many attractions, including Sentosa Island, entertainment venues such as Movie World and Autohome, and Penang National Park, the island’s national park. Singapore also has many museums, including the British Museum, Permanent Exhibition Gallery, Albert Museum, and Victoria Museum.

The Seletar Mall

Seletar Shopping Center is a multifunctional shopping mall situated near Belgravia Ace Tong at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. It is adjacent to Fernvale’s Seletar LRT station. The Seletar Mall has many retail stores, including department stores like Swenson’s, Pizza Hut, Watsons, and high-end fashion shopping districts in Asia.

The Seletar mall has three central entrances with accessible entrances to the shopping center. Within the shopping center, there is also a sidewalk leading to the Belgravia Ace Tong Eng Group. There are two eateries on the other side of the shopping center. It is connected to an outside store by a sidewalk. The food court is usually divided into a mini shopping center and a dining area.

When it comes to facilities, the Seletar shopping center near Belgravia Ace has everything you want. The airy building has a well-ventilated interior space, a large lounge, and many windows. The interior of the store is well ventilated. The layout of the mall offers tourists many options for exploring, eating, and shopping.

There are several shops in the two-story atrium of the shopping center. You can find all kinds of clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, accessories, and toys in these shops. In the main hall of the atrium, the famous maple leaf of the Seletar is printed on the door. There are also numerous restaurants here. These consist of Seletar Premium Outlets, Seletar Lanes, and Seletar Delicatessen.

As for the atmosphere, the Seleter shopping center has it all. Not only is there a wide variety of goods, but the size is also large so that you can move around the mall freely. However, other malls cannot offer this comfort service. Generally, the mall’s superior vibe, excellent store collections, and convenient access make it the best choice for tourists of all ages. Other large shopping malls near Belgravia Ace Absentee are:

  • Djitsun Mall
  • Heartland Mall
  • AMK Hub
  • Hougang 1
  • Buangkok Square Mall
  • Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre
  • Bishan North Shopping Mall
  • NEX
  • Jubilee Square
  • Thomson Plaza
  • Junction 8

Location Near to Community Clubs as well as Eco-Friendly Communities – Belgravia Ace Landed

If you’re exploring meeting facilities, multifunctional activities, or meetings, visit the Teck Ghee Community Club. We also offer classes to improve your mental skills. There are various stores in Ang Mo Kio, and residents do not have to shop elsewhere. For groceries and basic needs, visit Fair Price Xtra on the 2nd floor of the AMK Center.

There are Sheng Siong on blk 233 avenues three and Giant Supermarket on No.4 Blk 161 avenue for a wide range of other product options.

AMK hubs provide essential goods, but some stores can cater to your beauty and health needs. Visits such as AsterSpring, Eu Yan Sang,  Beauty Language, Hair Inn, Ladyfinger, Addicted Skin, and Body Laboratory, Nail Palace, OGAWA, Premier Dead Sea, THEFACESHOP, The Body Shop, Wan Yang Foot Reflexology, Top Secret Hair Studio, Watsons,  Yun Nam Hair Care, ZTP.

Belgravia Ace Ang Mo Kio Community and Amenities

Undoubtedly, Ang Mo Kio is also an able social community where you can trip to parks and environmental places. AMK has a parking connector to reach Punggol. This environmental-friendly network links several educational institutions and connects Buangkok and Punggol through Punggol Waterway Park, Punggol Park, and Punggol Point Park. Citizens can also visit one of Singapore’s remaining playgrounds near 571. To get there, walk towards Ang Mo Kio Station under the MRT platform, cross Ang Mo Kio Garden East Town and head for 3 BLK571 Avenue. Take a look at the Yio Chu Kang area of ​​RC 1. You can see murals paintings back to the past, such as the interior of an old kitchen, Kampong House,  and the birdcage of the Birds Singing Club created by Kebunbal.

Bird lovers can choose the Kebun Baru bird singing club at the foot of Ang Mo Kio Garden. This place can hold 1,000 cages for various birds. It’s an outstanding experience to see and hear them, especially on contest day.

In terms of religious beliefs, Ang Mo Kio is another place. Though, rest assured that the AMK community has a variety of auditoriums and places of worship. There is a mosque Al Muttaqin near Ang Mo Kio. It is the only mosque in the neighborhoods where Muslims can assemble and worship. It can hold up to 3,500 loyal users. At the same time, the Joint Temple Association of Batumi and Brazil has brought together Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist followers in one place. Finally, Catholics can worship at the King’s Christian Catholic Church located at 2221 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8. This is the only shelter where they can pray together and listen to the crowd.

Parks and Recreations Centres around Belgravia Ace Location

Belgravia Ace is situated close to numerous parks around Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. Being able to walk or jog near the park has many advantages. Bring convenience and active life to the inhabitants of Belgravia Ace. Improve safety and accessibility. Belgravia Ace offers all the services of the nearby park, including nature trails and fitness classes. Belgravia Ace residents are within easy reach and can get all these advantages with a short walk. Here are some parks

Belgravia Park

When you arrived at Belgravia Ace, it’s good to jog by the water, and you’re not restricted to the road, so you’ll have great views at Belgravia Park. Residents of Belgravia Ace can travel to the park more. One of the best parts to go out in Belgravia Park near Belgravia Ace is to have a view of all the natural scenery at your own time and pace. Residents of Belgravia Ace can walk hand in hand with their dogs or walk with friends at Belgravia Park. Residents of Belgravia Ace can take a stroll at night and relish the view of the starry sky and the moon. If you want to consume time in the park, don’t forget to take all safety measures.

Nim Meadow Park

Residents near Belgravia Ace are close to Nim Meadow Park, where you can also go for nature walks. They usually have a path through the park and a path that follows the natural beauty of the zone. Belgravia Ace residents can also go to Nim Meadow Park Wildlife Shelter at some of these parks. The park staff offers numerous hobbies for adults, children, and animals in the park.

Ang Mo Kio Linear Park

Residents of the area all around Belgravia Ace are located near the Ang Mo Kio Linear Park, where you can enjoy your walk with the dog or take a walk right after work. It’s easy to get to and from the residents of Belgravia Ace exercising in a nearby gym. They don’t have to drive from Ang Mo Kio Linear Park to get there. In addition, for active outdoor residents, it’s good to know that they are only a few blocks away from other actions.

Luxus Hills Park

Luxus Hills Park is a beautiful place to learn how to protect children near Belgravia Ace. It is essential to understand how children behave when they are out. Even if you have a good day, it doesn’t mean you have to take your child away unsupervised, particularly in the dark. Children should always be observed when playing outside the park.

The advantage of being close to Luxus Hills Park goes further than the convenience of walking there. In addition to the fun of exercising, children living in the vicinity can also benefit from having their parents nearby. During the day, parents can track their children near Luxus Hills Park.

Stamp Duties may be different for different purchasers. You may explore more from the Stamp Duty information here. Buyers may also Book an appointment to view the Belgravia Ace Showflat to find out more.

Interested parties of Belgravia Ace Cluster Home can find more project details in this site. The site plan and floor plans will be out soon and updated here. The elevation chart depicts the distribution of units in the development and the balance unit chart will updated regularly upon launch of the project. Please check back on this site to be kept posted.

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